7 Fall and Winter Hairstyle Trends

The fall and winter seasons are upon us – a time for pumpkin spice lattes and cozy evenings by the fireside. But just because we’re in a period of more indoorsy weather, that hardly means we’ve any reason to neglect to keep our lookup to speed with the current trends.

As is ever the case, the new season has brought with it trending new styles for hair. Below, we’ve listed just a few of them to help you welcome the chillier days while looking as current as can be.

  • Large Headband

Although a pretty simple one, it seems to be quite trendy as of late. It’s the sort of style that requires very little fuss and pre-preparation, but which can add some serious flair – especially if you stock up on a wide variety of headbands to fit different moods and complement different outfits. A simple large headband, tied right across the hairline, is a tasteful yet straightforward piece of styling.

  • Shaggy Curls

This one, with its volume and thickness, is just perfect for the chill of the coming season – especially if you’ve already got a natural curl to your hair. The lack of humidity in the season means that your curls are in much less danger of frizzing, while the thickness of the shaggy style is excellent for the cold.

  • Low Ponytails

For the long-haired among us, lengthy ponytails are making a convenient comeback. Tying your hair back particularly tightly and letting it hang low down your back – or, perhaps, over your shoulder, as Kim Kardashian was seen to do lately – is a slick, convenient, yet sophisticated approach.

  • Hot Chocolate Color

A great many of us can’t help but crave a piping hot mug of hot chocolate when we’re sitting under the blazing autumn colors. In tribute to this, many women have been spotted dyeing their hair a vibrant, dark brown color that reflects this classic beverage. It also makes for a stark contrast to the growing grey of the weather.

  • Men’s Bobs

There’s a whole lot of retro stuff happening with hair this fall season, and that’s just as true of men’s styles as women’s. Among these are mid-length bob cuts with the hair mostly tucked behind the ears. These bring to mind the boy band looks of the 90s and remind us of just how cool the look was back then.

  • Pompadour

For men looking to grow out their hair for the cold season, pompadours are among the leading looks in long-haired men right now. It’s a simple one – once your hair is long enough on top, it can be combed and styled into an elegant bulge on top of the scalp.

  • Fringe

Bangs are coming back into style as much for men as for women; and worn messily with emphatic fringes, they can both look casually stylish and be great for the chill. That casually messy look in general, in fact, seems to be entirely on point right now.

These are just a few of the current trends in the fall hairstyle scene. And no matter which of them may catch your fancy, there’s no better place to have them done than by the experts down at Bangz Hair Studio in Venice, Florida.

Alexandre Navarro

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