A little girl’s beauty dream came true

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“We offer products by All Nutrient and Onesta which have plant based ingredients, are chemical-free, ammonia-free, and manufactured in the United States, “said Navarro. The Studio is located at 585 Tamiami Trail. For more information visit their website at https://bangzhairstudio.com/ or call 941-485-4247.

Why did you decide to get into this business?

“Because since I was a little girl in France I wanted to make people beautiful and help them feel good about themselves. It is my job because I am an artist.”

What is the most challenging thing about running this business?

“Keeping up with the fashion trends in hair design is always an ongoing challenge. Even though the summer can be slow with out the seasonal people here my local customers are becoming much more plentiful”.

What sets you apart from the competition?

“We are organics. We are different. We are not a big salon but that makes for a nice, quiet relaxing atmosphere and I think all these components help to give our customers what they want”.

Article & Photo by Debra Gouvellis


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