Florida-Friendly Summer Hairstyles – Look Great While You Stay Cool!

Florida summer can be absolutely steaming between the heat, the sun and the humidity! How can you look your best without your hair weighing you down or frizzing up? And how can you stay on-trend with the latest hairstyles, without sacrificing your comfort?

The team at Bangz has put together some great hairstyles for you that have it all: they’ll keep you cool and comfortable in the summer, but require minimal daily styling. They also incorporate all the most popular hair trends this summer, straight from the runways and the red carpets, in a way that’s achievable with different hair textures and conditions. Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, dyed or natural hair, we’ve got ideas for you to feel and look your best.

Blunt-cut ends:

Blunt cuts are appearing everywhere this year, giving 2020 hairstyles an edge of structure. The trend seems to be pushing out 2019’s abundance of soft and layered hairstyles. There are an unlimited number of ways to wear this humidity-friendly trend, and we’ve included some of the best we’ve seen below. An undeniable benefit of this style is that, due to the one-length locks, it’s easy to pull it all into a ponytail when you need every bit of hair out of your way. Another bonus? Those annoying little bits of hair that poke out of your braids due to your layers will be a thing of the past. Being able to create smooth braids makes a lot of quick styles much easier and makes your hair appear more finished.

wavy cut

On different hair textures:

Blunt-cut ends are versatile and simple enough to look great at any length. Pictured above and on the left, pearl embellishments dress up Lucy Boynton’s chin-length, wavy bob. The blunt ends give the cut an air of sophistication and keep the waves smooth and polished rather than tousled. As an added bonus, blunt cuts on wavy-textured and curly hair will make your hair appear enviously thick, and look great perfectly coiffed or fresh out of bed. Above on the right, Kristen Bell’s dramatic blunt bob frames her face well and might just be the perfect style if you can’t stand hair on your face in the heat: the simple cut opts out of bangs and shorter layers completely, taking all the complexity out of your daily styling, especially if your hair is naturally straight.


On different lengths:

Blunt-cut hairstyles can work on any hair texture and at any length. Above and on the left, Julianne Hough’s one-length bob falls almost to her shoulders in a relaxed contrast to Kristin Bell’s shorter bob. On the right, Shay Mitchell rocks a much longer blunt style that shows off her healthy, shiny hair. Although she’s been professionally polished, a good shine spray and healthy, well-loved locks will give you a head start in creating a similar look at home. These two hairstyles also take advantage of slightly curled ends to soften their blunt edges, another common theme in 2020. This is a great way to make the style more relaxed if you want the humidity-friendly benefits of a blunt cut, but aren’t sure the hard lines will suit you.


Piece-y Bangs

Bangs are almost universally flattering, helping to give hairstyles more versatility and soften your look, which can remove years from your appearance. What’s not to like? Well, we can think of one thing: bangs can make you feel hot and suffocated and usually don’t look super glamorous once you start sweating.


However, this year’s piece-y bangs are light and airy. They don’t rely on a smooth, flawless curtain of hair, so you’ll still look lovely even if you feel like you’re melting. Above on the left, Kendall Jenner shows off a finished version of the look that works well with straight hair. On the right, Krysten Ritter shows that this style also suits hair with less thickness. Her bangs also prove that these hairstyles will stand up to a little forehead sweat in the Florida heat and still look lovely parted into thinner strands.

French Twists

No matter how much hair you have or the texture, this style won’t fail you. French twists are a classic style for a reason and they’ve begun to pop up on the red carpet again in 2020. This is an excellent updo for short hair; if you can pull or pin your hair back into a ponytail, you have enough hair to create at least a mini french twist. Above and on the left, Anna Kendrick’s shoulder-length hair is gathered into a messy french twist that does an excellent job of creating soft volume around her face. On the right, this much more polished french twist on long hair won’t an easy updo to recreate, but the effect is worth the time and effort for more formal occasions.

french twist

Top Knots

Another go-to from years past that’s making a comeback in 2020, you can’t beat the top knot for simplicity and comfort during the summer. Make this classic style new and fresh by adding accent braids, or by braiding the ponytail of hair you gather before you wrap it into a bun; braided buns look ridiculously intricate and will look great regardless of your styling skills. You can see the rosebud-like effect of braiding a top knot on Bella Hadid’s hairstyle, above and to the left. This style will also hide unruly second- and third-day hair, and lets the texture of natural hair shine while keeping it out of your face. Top knots also make a beautifully polished style with more effort and styling, as Kate Bosworth shows above on the right.

top knot

We hope we’ve helped spark your imagination and given you some ideas for your next hairstyle! We’re always here to help you figure out the best hairstyles for you based on how much effort you want to put into maintenance, the texture of your hair, your taste, and your budget. Feel free to schedule a consultation with us if you’re not sure which of these styles would suit you; after all, matching clients with the perfect hairstyle is what we do best!

top knot
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