French hairstyle

French hairstyle is internationally known thanks to many years of expertise of the best master hairstylists in the world.


French hairstyle


French hairstyle is a real culture, with its own way of doing and rules.

Teaching is doing by the masters of hairstyle themselves, genuinely called “maîtres-coiffeurs” in French, who teach passionately to their students this art. Because it’s an art!

Passionate artist, the hairstylist is constantly searching for new techniques of haircut, coloring, texture and style to stay the very best. French professionals are at the state-of-the-art of hairstyle.

But what approach should have the hairstylist? In french hairstyle, everything begins with a deep analysis of the client’s needs. Her hair, of course, but also her personality, her desires and her habits are evaluated and taken into account to offer the best haircut. A special technique, called “visagisme” in French,  allows the hairstylist to realize an haircut adapted to facial shape, texture and hair nature. Every client is a new challenge and a new creation.

Shampoo and haircare are the best way to respect every piece of hair. They are essential to obtain healthy hare and be able to produce the perfect haircut. Finalize, texturing and stylizing are the three crucial last points, the final touch of the artist.

The result should be the perfect demonstration of the technique and the precision. Thanks to Sophie’s talent, you’d get a French haircut, precise, natural and timeless, realized by a passionate master hairstylist.

Sophie, french master hairstylist, would offer you the best of this art, with this incredible french touch. Just her, in Venice, Florida. Come to Bangz Hair Studio and take a moment to speak with us! You won’t regret it!


french hair stylist

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