Hair Color, All You Need To Know and Where To Get the Best Service

Do you love your present hair color? Perhaps you do, but you would love to add a little bit of shine to it. There are various kinds of hair color available, and if you know the differences then you’ll be able to get a more satisfying result. Let Bangz Hair Studio in Venice, Florida, help you.

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It is beneficial to consider the color of your skin and eye when selecting a hair dye. Many experts recommend not going more than 2 or 3 shades lighter or darker than the natural color of your hair.  This ensures that the new color will complement your skin tone.  Of course using a contrasting hair color will definitely give you a dramatic look.


Hair color isn’t just for covering your grey hair only. Most men and women find a new hair color appealing because it brightens up their mood and makes them look attractive. Nevertheless, it may be difficult to decide which hair color would best fit you. Below are few guidelines:

  1. Change the color in graduated stages.  Do not select the blondest or darkest hair dye for your hair.
  2. Check out your teenage photographs of your natural hair.  Getting back to your teenage hair color is a good way of attaining your youthful beauty.
  3. If you are not sure of which hair color to choose, select a temporary hair color. A temporary dye washes out in just one shampoo whereas semi-permanent dye doesn’t wash out as easily or so quickly.
  4. Permanent hair colors can give you the perfect blonde, brunette, dark or red hair using the right coloring kits. To see professional shades you should visit us. 

Bangz Hair Studio is a professional hair salon located in Venice, Florida. We are experts in hair coloring, hair styling, haircuts, etc. Our coloring products are mainly organic and are 100% natural. We utilize both Onesta and All-Nutrient brands which are organic and environmentally friendly.

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There are essentially 3 different kinds of hair color available on the market today.

  1. Permanent hair color: This is the harshest type of dye on your hair, and must be applied by a professional hairstylist for best results; therefore, you should contact the experts at Bangz Hair Studio if you want to use this type of hair color.
  2. Semi-Permanent hair color: This is commonly used to make hair dark. As it doesn’t take any color off, it simply intensifies darkness. This type of dye will help your hair shine, but will fade after a several washings.
  3. Henna: Many cultures have used this type of colorant on fabrics and hair for centuries. The color is lasting and responds differently to each natural hair color. Henna can be used as both hair treatment and hair dye since it makes hair softer and gives it color.


If you have made up your mind to change the color of your hair but are concerned about the chemicals in hair colorants, you no longer have to worry. You can always choose organic hair dyes that give you the best coloring results.  Organic hair color comes in different tones and shades and makes hair soft.  Want to look attractive with a new hair color?  Bangz Hair Studio is the perfect hair salon for you. 

Think Color, Think Bangz Hair Studio!

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