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Organic in the hair salon industry


What could be more ritual than your monthly appointment at the hair salon? And if this habit could help maintain your good health and that of the planet?

Endocrine disruptors, allergenic, carcinogenic are only a few of the terms we read or hear about cosmetic, food and hair products. For many, organic and / or controlled diet has become as natural as choosing a moisturizing cream certified the color of a clean nature and a healthy body. Concerning hair coloring, we remain uncertain because we are not prepared to combine this undesirable “pepper and salt” hair that do not actually spice our lives. We used to think that only three solutions are possible:

1- Using a classic coloring: cheap, full of pesticides, but hey, I eat organic, it balances!

2- Letting the grey hair invade my head, hoping that is “super trend”. But… no, I definitely look like my great-aunt! (LOL)

3- Testing vegetable coloring that do not completely cover my roots and finishing with a tye and die upside down. I might launch a new fashion!

It should be admitted that none of these options fully meet our expectations ….

We have the choice to preserve our environment by choosing to consume responsibly, recycle and use products that are not harmful to nature. Let us think that our children also become adults will want to walk on a healthy planet.

Today we have the choice to opt for a product that is harmful neither to our health nor to the environment. Moreover, this choice allows us to follow trends or simply cover “pepper and salt”. To make it short, there is no need to trade our ecological value against an efficient but chemical dyeing product. Brands such as All-Nutrient have been able to develop high-performance hair coloring using natural products for exceptional results: covering 100% of the white hair, gloss and color stability in the weather.

At Bangz Hair Studio, we have made a choice. This choice. The choice of your health, combine with greats dyeing products, thanks to All-Nutrient. We decided to give the people who live in Venice Florida the access to an eco-friendly hairstyle. We use products that are neither polluting nor harmful to your health, while offering a service which sublimates each client from coloring to cutting. The products we used in our hair salon are as natural as possible, mainly organic and always at the forefront of the hairdressing industry, trends and customer requirements.

We use and distribute the All-Nutrient and Onesta brands, both environmentally friendly and organic.

And you, what choice are you gonna do for your hair?

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