For many women, finding a good hairstylist is as difficult as finding the ideal partner.  To this beauty professional you not only entrust your hair, but your self-esteem and your happiness. How so?  Because an unwanted cut or inappropriate color impacts your life.  For reasons of fate – or bad luck your previous stylist may have suddenly vanished or relocated to a new location. You feel helpless and sad, and so you take up the task of looking for that one person who understands what you desire, listens to you carefully, and provides that change of image that pleases you.  Remember that the primary quality you need in a hairdresser is trust. A good hairstylist will want to meet your needs, so it is essential that a bond be created between the two of you.

Below are some tips to choose your hairstylist

Control your impulses:

It is not a decision that you should take lightly. Listen to recommendations of friends, family, and co-workers. Their referrals are important.  Consult with friends who have gone to a particular salon and ask why they are loyal to the professionals of that salon.

Make an appointment at your selected beauty salon for a shampoo and hair drying service: 

This way you can better observe how they treat you and other clients before submitting to a haircut. Take the opportunity to ask about the hairstylist’s experience and his/her specialty.

When you enter the salon,  pay attention to the details: 

Look at the work tools.  Are they new or old?  Check the cleanliness of the salon, bathroom, and waiting area.  Are products visibly displayed?  Are the products being used on the clients the same as those being sold?  Browse the magazines that clients use to choose their hairstyles.  Are these magazines up to date?

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Observe the hairstylist: 

Keep in mind that a competent professional does not start cutting without first studying the features, hair texture, and face of each client.

Only choose a color or cut that you want: 

Remember your stylist will make recommendations, but the ultimate decision is yours.  Never be pressured into a color or cut.  Although the hair grows out,  no one likes to be seen in public with an unwanted color or cut.

Keep in mind: 

Remember that in the end, you are investing your money in yourself.  You should leave a salon satisfied and, moreover, be happy to see your hairstyle daily in the mirror.

Value in an experienced hairstylist:

An experienced hairstylist will meet your expectations and achieve desired results.

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Bangz Hair Studio is an innovative hair salon located in Venice Florida. We’re dedicated to the beauty and care of your hair, where the most important thing is your image. Through a relaxing and completely personalized service, we provide you with unique experiences. At Bangz Hair Studio, we have a highly qualified team keeping abreast of new techniques and trends. We offer the finest quality products and services to all our customers. Bangz Hair Studio is committed to you, our clients and our community!

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