Insta-Worthy Hairstyles To Try This Spring

Spring is finally here and after the year we’ve had, we all deserve a little pampering. Wouldn’t it be a nice pick-me-up to get a fun new style while the weather is getting more and more beautiful?

The team at Bangz has some gorgeous fresh looks for Spring in mind that are effortlessly cool. Maybe you’ll be inspired!

Show Off Your Personality!

This season, we’re going to be seeing a lot of bangs! Bangs are a great way to update your look without sacrificing length and there are so many different styles to choose from for a totally different vibe. You’re going to start to notice curtain bangs everywhere.

A middle part with the hair draped to the sides can draw attention to your eyes in a totally unexpected way and lipstick isn’t exactly a point of focus right now. If middle parts aren’t your thing and you like a little asymmetry, gradual side-swept bangs have a similar effect and are making a comeback!

For those of you who have naturally curly locks, you’re in for a treat! People are going wild for bangs paired with untamed curls that have a mind of their own. Loose and messy is perfection. Just have them snipped and then let them do their thing and wait for the compliments to start pouring in.

Try Something Bold and Different!

If you want something a little edgier but don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, super blunt ends can subtly show off your bold personality. It works no matter what length your hair is but there. If your hair is long, blunt ends give off a vibe that feels dark, artsy and mysterious. But there is something particularly eye-catching about blunt hair snipped right at the collar bone.

When it comes to color this season, If you can’t decide whether to go ashy or golden, try something unexpected and do both! A color that’s light for your skin tone in a nutty shade can be complemented with lighter golden tones AND deeper ashy tones.

They can create an interesting effect that’s will have people staring — but in a good way!. It sounds like it would clash but there’s something about it that just works.

For the Boys…

It makes sense that curtain bangs are in style because the boys have a trendy curtain cut of their own this season. This look is a pretty obvious nod to the 90s. Imagine the early days of Nick Carter or Leo in Titanic. There’s a charming innocence to it.

This cut has been due for a comeback. The style is longer on top and longer in the front but blends in nicely in the back. It might be a nice transition if you’ve decided to ditch your long rugged locks to prepare for the warmer weather.

Honorable Mention

This one comes last only because it’s getting mixed reactions: The female Mullet. On some, it looks low-maintenance and cool, like Mylie Cyrus, but this is definitely not a look for just anyone. If you do decide to be brave and give it a shot, all the power — and the luck — to you!

Alexandre Navarro

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