Why have a Keratin Treatment with your hairstylist?

Keratin is a treatment increasingly used by hairstylists to repair damaged hair and to increase its strength. When hair is damaged from too frequent coloration, repeated bleaching, heavily highlighted and/or shows signs of chemical discoloration, then Keratin is an ideal solution to revitalize dull, frizzy and lackluster hair.

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What is keratin treatment?

You may be familiar with Brazilian keratin smoothing which coats hair with pure keratin. It softens hair naturally enabling the hair to become smoother by allowing the capillary fiber to be strengthened in depth.  In essence,  Keratin fills in the “holes” caused by chemical attacks on the hair and repairs it more deeply than a traditional shampoo treatment.

How does a keratin treatment entail?

The hairstylist applies the Keratin product to the hair after a clarifying shampooing.  The hair is then wrapped in transparent film and placed under heat.  All that is left to do is rinse, dry, and it’s over! The Keratin treatment is very practical.

bright long hair keratin treatment


What are the results of a keratin treatment?

After a Keratin treatment the hair is very soft, smooth, no longer frizzy  and has more volume. It’s an amazing treatment even on curly hair with beautiful curl and no frizzy. The hair is shinier and its reflections are brighter. The advantage and benefit of this treatment remain from several weeks to several months.

How much does a keratin treatment cost?

Bangz Hair Studio utilizes Cliove Organic Keratin Treatment which contains the highest quality ingredients, free of formaldehyde and aldehydes that is safe for all hair type. The entire treatment service costs starts at $180. Our knowledgeable hairstylists possess the skills to get  the best possible result. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with your hairdresser right now.



Credit Photo: Soin à la Keratine by Laetitia and cosmopolitain.fr

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