Save Time Styling Long Hair with These 8 Daily Tips

Long, beautiful hair is a luxury in its own, and styling can be a time-suck when you want to look your best each day. These eight quick styling tips for long hair will help you cut down on your morning routine time, and look fabulous every day.

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1 Shower Early and Air Dry Before Blow Drying

When you get out of the shower in the morning, towel dry your hair and then start your makeup and get dressed. Blow drying and styling takes less time when your hair has a chance to air dry.

2 Use a Deep Conditioner Once a Week

Using a deep conditioner, and keeping your hair healthy makes styling take a fraction of the time. Focus the deep conditioner on your ends to prevent tangles and turn back the dial on heat damage to your hair.

3 Use a Dry Shampoo and Skip the Shower

No time to wash your long locks? Spritz a little dry shampoo and finger comb through. Your hair will smell great, and you’ll benefit from the added volume from the extra product in your hair.

Most professionals recommend using dry shampoo for two days in a row before you need to wash the product out. The bright side of this is your hair retains the natural it needs for sleek shine and softness, and you don’t have to wash your hair as often as usual.

4 Dry Hair Upside Down for Quick Added Volume

When drying your hair, style at the same time by holding your head upside down. Blow drying your hair upside down adds volume, making styling take less time. Take the nozzle off your dryer when you start drying in this position, then reattach it when you dry and style with a round brush for the outer layer of your hair.

5 Wear Braids for Days

Putting your hair in a simple braid is a quick fix for a day. Even better, it is a tight updo braid you can wear for days. Put your hair up in a braid while wet for a volumized curly look when you let your hair down.

6 Try a New Updo

When your hair just won’t lay flat the way you want, or you can’t seem to pull off that blowout the same way as it looked in the salon, go for an updo.

7 Clip it and Forget it

Keep those bobby pins and cute clip accessories nearby for a quick clip it and forget it style. Grab hair clips that match your favorite outfits, let your hair dry naturally, and pin it back behind your ear for a timeless look that’s ready to go out the door.

8 Get Trimmed Often

Healthy hair is easier to style, and your hairstylist knows how to keep your hair healthy. Schedule regular hair trimmings at least every six weeks to keep split ends at bay, and get recommendations from your stylist about changing any products you use, and the best ways to style your hair.

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