The Real Benefits of Using Organic Hair Care Products

What does organic really mean?

We hear this term all the time and, like any word, it can become overused.  All organic really refers to is that the product you are consuming, be it food, grooming products or what-have-you have been produced without the use of artificial chemicals.

There are many good reasons to choose organic products. Because they don’t contain artificial ingredients, they are gentler on your body and contribute to your overall health.  Another reason is that the production methods used are earth friendly, meaning the planet is not suffering pollution from this product.  And, ultimately the most important is that organic grooming products are cruelty free, meaning they are not tested on animals.  Using organic hair care products means you care for your world and that’s a healthy attitude!

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So, organic really positions itself to ensure that the environment is protected and that your body receives the most healthful products available. Because organic products tend to shy away from corporate mass production methods, they will be more expensive.  Is it really worth it?  You bet! Consider two companies that produce organic haircare products: all-nutrient products and davines.

Both of these beauty companies are committed to providing the highest quality products to their customers.  But it’s more than business, it’s an idea they both share to support the health of the planet, the safety of their products and deliver the personal touch that the mammoth corporations simply can’t provide.

What does it mean when hair products have an organic label?

Organic hair care products work naturally to ensure that your hair is as lustrous and full-bodied as ever, and it does this without the use of harmful chemical or overdone oils.  An organic shampoo will not strip your hair of essential oils and dry it out, but will enhance the natural beauty of your hair, leaving it full of life and shine.

Among the most common, potentially dangerous chemical in commercially available non-organic hair and grooming products are: 

  1. Potassium Sorbate. You may recognize this as a food preservative and it has been known to be toxic to skin and internal organs.
  2. Formaldehyde.  formaldehyde is a preservative implicated in many health-related questions over a variety of products, including vinyl siding.  One of the scariest things about formaldehyde is that it is a known carcinogen and can be absorbed through the skin.  That this compound is heavily restricted across the European Union and banned entirely in Japan and Sweden, should give consumers pause for thought.
  3. Polyethylene Glycol (PEG).  Essentially anti-freeze for your auto.  Your antifreeze carries the warning “keep away from pets.”  The sweet taste of this compound has attracted many house pets who then drink it with fatal consequences. It has been directly linked to cancer.

And these are but three of the many compounds found in non-natural hair care products.

More salons are turning toward organic products.

The movement away from corporate chemically enhanced hair care products has been picking up steam as of late.  Recognizing that their customers want the best natural products, salons such as Bangz Hair Studio have scoured the market to find the best organic hair care products available.  Two such product lines they feature are produced by All-nutrient products and Davines.

As solons make the switch to organic product lines, they not only support the health of the planet, they support the health and well-being of their clientele.

Alexandre Navarro

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