Top Wedding Hairstyles of 2019

If you’re getting married this year, we know you want to make sure your wedding is classy, elegant, and memorable – and also that it’s full of style. One of the most important pieces: your hair. (This goes for bridesmaids, and all other attendees, too.)

So, what’s hot right now?

Think: natural, textural, and free-spirited, with a tiny dash of wild.

Heavy sprays, big curls, and architectural hairstyles are (for the most part) out – 2019’s hottest wedding hairstyles are all about a feel of effortlessness and natural beauty.

What are some of the key styles?

1) Soft waves

This look is all about an appearance of ease. It’s part of a vibe that says: I woke up looking like this. Creating it takes just a bit of effort – best spent setting things in the morning – but done right, gentle, wavy locks photograph beautifully, especially when paired with a simple accessory that complements them. Overall, it’s a style designed to work well as part of a total outfit.

soft waves for wedding hairstyle

2) Elegant, low buns and messy updos

Buns and updos are happening with a few different styles right now. On one end are beautiful and flowing buns, accessorized with delicate adornments and finished with free-spirited ease. On the other are chic, tight, and classic styles, with well-defined forms and a message of pure elegance. Both can make a look pop – but which one to don depends on the individual, the dress, and what you gravitate towards in everyday life.

updo for wedding hairstyle

3) Cool girl braids

This look is part of the larger trend right now of moving away from constructed, meticulous looks towards natural, creative, and effortless ‘dos. The great thing about braids is that they can be created to fit the style you’re going for: bohemian, fairytale, urban chic, and anything else you can imagine. Whatever style they’re coming in, cool girl braids are definitely in.

4) Minimal and easy looks

Minimal is hot right now. And not just when it comes to cleaning up at home – Marie Kondo chic has reached hairstyles. Translated to bridal looks: ‘dos ranging from soft and long, to free, easy, and even unkempt. On the one end is beautiful, feminine hair that does away with loads of styling to focus on the natural beauty of our locks, and the other are wild (even messy) looks that forgo all the work to let a bride’s personality and confidence shine.

5) Crowns and unique accessories

We’ve been seeing more and more of these – flower crowns, headbands, bows, and other interesting accessories coming along in 2019’s wedding hairstyles. It makes sense, as they’re often being paired with minimal, easy, and natural hairstyles. The end vibe is often something between fairytale, playful, cool city girl, and beautiful countryside. Selecting this one can take a lot of searching, but the right accessory can complete a bride’s look with an elegant and special touch.

headbands for wedding hairstyle

Have you been to any weddings this year, or have any – especially yours! – planned? We’d love to hear about the looks you’ve seen or hope to see!


Credit photo : Pinterest

Alexandre Navarro

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