Which Hairstyle to Choose for Christmas?

Christmas is nearly here, which means seeing family, friends, and of course taking plenty of holiday photos together. You want to look your best and dress to impress while staying comfortable, and that means finding the perfect hairstyle for Christmas that gives you the best of both. Check out our list of the best hairstyles to choose for Christmas.

Deep Side Part

Add some dramatic effect to your hair by using a deep side part. This classic and timeless look pairs best with added volume. Try adding some exaggerated curls to your look for a vintage look.

Wrapped Pony Tail

A simple, quick solution that’s made all the better with an accessory, put your hair up, wrap it and go.

Wrapped Pony Tail

Sleek Straight

Sometimes the best look for long hair at Christmas is just to tame it and go with straight, sleek, and beautiful hair.

Sleek Straight

Beachy Waves

Bring the warmth back to winter by rocking beach waves that frame your face just right. Try a sea-salt spray to add waves that give your hair a genuine beachy look.

Beachy Waves

Soft and Glamorous Curls

Add a bit of glamour and go beyond the beachy waves, while keeping your curls soft to add volume while pulling off a look of elegance.

Textured Low Ponytail

A low ponytail with a bit of texture will keep your hair out of your face while enjoying all of the holiday goodies, and add a pop of glamour to your hairstyle.

French Twist

The French twist is an updo that adds a lot more class than a simple ponytail, and it looks excellent in photos! Gather your hair to one side, twist, and pin.

French Twist

Top Knot

Sleek and hassle-free, the top knot could be your Christmas hairstyle go-to this year. Try this with a cute braided style into the top-knot to add some sass to your do.


A chignon, or an elegant bun at the nape, is a style that began in France. Add some style from the romance capital this year with a low bun.


Crown Braid

Pull those strands out of your face while giving yourself a crown fit for the Queen of Christmas. A braided crown with some added accessories, like some gold glitter, will have you shining bright all Christmas night.

Crown Braid

Faux Bob

Give your hairstyle an update without chopping off the length. Pin your hair up into a cute faux bob and add massive amounts of volume to master this look. This is perfect for trying out a new style without making the commitment.

Braided Up-Do

Braided updos have nearly endless possibilities. You could braid your hair into a rose, create Viking-style braids, or go with a classic French braid into an updo. This look can add funky personality, or exude extraordinary class.

Accessorized and Natural

Leave your hair down and add a glamorous headband or put it half up with a beautiful hair clip. Go for simple hair with a pop of shine when accessorizing for your Christmas hairstyle.


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